Build AMD Athlon 64 Computer

Video on How to Build a PC

To Build AMD Athlon 64 Computer, you can either buy all the components and assemble them yourself. Or get either a partially or fully assembled barebone kit, less the operating system.

If you have a few parts that you already own, you can get a partially assembled barebone system. The main thing to decide is the speed of the AMD Athlon 64 bit CPU. The higher and faster the speed of the CPU, the more money that you pay.

Another important thing is the type of motherboard that you use. Things to consider would be how much memory does it support, and how much you plan on adding.

Check for on board sound and video. If you already have, or plan to add sound and video cards, you may not want a board that has it. If you do get a mother board with onboard sound. You can always add cards later, just disable your on board sound from the bios setup.

ABIT KN9 SLI & AMD 64 X2 5000+ Black Ed. 2.60GHz