Five Top External Computer Parts For your Computer

Five Top External Computer Parts For your Computer

You don’t have to keep it all inside anymore. It’s okay to let it out. The days of storing everything on your internal hard drive are over. There are a bunch of cool, low cost external components that can enhance your Mac, PC or laptop.

This is the technology age. The better your computer is, the more convenient and comfortable your life will be. Don’t miss out on the luxuries of living during this extraordinary time in history. Take full advantage of the digital revolution.

You may be thinking that the price of the latest external components is too high for you. But you’re wrong. Many companies offer reasonably priced components. Computer technology has a way of improving at lightening speed. This means that whatever goes on the market today will fall in price tomorrow because there will be something new. This means that you can find a way to have it all.

Okay, so you are no digital genius. You don’t know what type of external toys would be best for you. Maybe you are just a music fanatic who can’t get enough of downloading every thing from Bread to Nelly. Or maybe you are a writer looking for a separate place to store your newfound love of fiction. Either way, there are external storage units for your purpose. Remember, the more places you have to store data, the less chance of losing it all.

The Mini Pod M9-DX is not just some cute little accessory for your office. This attractive silver colored box is capable of storing large quantities information. It also works with Mac’s that have the 9.2 version or better and PC’s that are running Windows 2000 or relatively new Windows programs.

Portable external hard drives are inexpensive powerful storage units. Find one with the capacity you are looking for. Most external drives are reasonably priced. Spending a mere $150.00 to $350.00 can get you 300 GB or more of storage.

Pick out mini pod speakers in your favorite color. These adorable little devils will provide you with top notch sound. You’ll get a clear crisp sound. Mini-pods reduce vibration giving you clear extremely low distortion sound. A must have for the music enthusiast.

Flash Drives are jazzy little numbers that typically weigh less than 2 ounces. These tiny storage units hold photos, music, documents and other standard stored items. Get one with a 4 in 1 media reader and you will be able to increase the drive’s internal memory. These little drives will fit neatly into your pocket.

Cell phones have come a long way. These excellent multi-task cell phones are much more than portable phones to chat with friends on. If you get the right phone you may be able to store around 10 GB of MP3’s images or movies on it. And keep in contact with grandma to boot!

Be on the look out for Blu-ray recorders. A one sided Blu-ray recorder disc will hold 25GB and allow you to record more than 2 hours of HDTV and over 13 hours of standard definition television. There is no quality compromise with these discs. Your digital programs will not loose their near prefect look. A two sided disc will hold twice as much information as a one sided disc.

The Blu-ray will also play DVD’s that are created by using the much more common red laser technology. So all those DVD’s you already have will not go to waste. You will still be able to enjoy them on your spiffy new Blu-ray player. Eventually Blu-ray recorders will probably replace VCR’s and DVD recorders. That means that they will become mass market friendly and come down in price. Much like HDTV’s have recently lowered in price. Relax and save your pennies.

Blue laser options are the force behind HD-DVD and Blu-ray technologies. A compact wavelength makes it possible to tuck more data on each disc. Creating better quality DVD’s that has near endless storage abilities. Of course this optimum technological equipment is pricey but just like everything else, the price will come down eventually and us average Joe’s will be able to afford the luxury of kings.

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