Pc cillin Internet Security: The Anti Spyware Superstar

Trend Micro’s pc cillin internet security software is no third wheel to the macro daddies that are Norton and McAfee. If you thought there were only two options for a virus protection program or personal firewall you are wrong, oh so wrong. There is a new superstar among the Gods and that is Pc cillin Internet security which is an excellent at virus detection, but also blocks hackers, spam, spyware, phishing and protects those who live on planet Wi-Fi.

Remember the good ol’ days before Wi-Fi when cookies were the worst thing in way of privacy invasion? Cookies are merely tasty treats compared to intrusive, annoying and destructive malware programs computer users’ deal with daily. What makes Pc cillin internet security so popular is its tenacity for blocking spyware and adware. To appreciate this, understand that malware can be downloaded onto your computer by simply following a link to what you think is a legitimate site, but is actually a front for more deceitful practices. With a program like Pc cillin’s virus protection program this download would be blocked.

Adware is like a leech that is attached to a file you actually want to install, like freeware, an ebook, graphic or music file. Once downloaded bombards you with pop ups, changes your browser home page, or hijacks your browser and takes you into some sort of advertising twilight zone. In short, your computer will perform poorly until you clean it up. If you use Pc cillin internet security it will alert you when a download has adware attached. You can see if your current virus protection program is doing a good job of stopping adware, by downloading free software like Adaware.

Spyware is sneakier than adware, so you may be infected and not even know it. Spyware quietly lurks in the shadows and monitors your activity or sends your information to a third-party (and without asking your permission, how rude!) The information it passes along can be shopping habits, a password, or even a credit card number. If your browser is moving much slower than usual of your computer is overall not up to par, you may have spyware and need to get rid of it before it does more damage. Pc cillin Internet security has added pc protection by keeping an eye on your sensitive information and alerting you if a program sends it elsewhere. To see what your current virus protection program lets slip by use the free scanner SpyBot.

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