Computer Maintenance Repair Tools

o buy computer maintenance repair tools the prices can range from around $12.00 for a basic set. To a advanced Ultimate PC Repair Kits for over $500.00

Things to include your computer maintenance repair tools would be:

Demagnetized Screw drivers with multiple bits.Demagnetized tools are the best to get, as any magnetic charge can harm a pc component. Flat head and philips are the main ones, although some pc's use torx.

A 3 prong probe, these tools are helpful for picking up and holding tiny thingslike jumper connectors for drives, or small screws.

Compressed Air Use the air can be used to remove dust and debri from computers and printers.Blow dust out of inside of computer, and off the fans.

Anti-static wrist strap.Use this to ground your self when working on the inside of a PC. Most of the components inside the pc can be damaged by static electricity.

The strap keeps yourself grounded, to prevent any static or shock to a component. This risk is greater in the winter months, when the air is drier.

Multi-Meter or Voltage Meter.This tool is optional, as it is primarily used for testing the Power supply of a computer. 

computer maintenance tools

Basic Computer Maintenance Tools

Belkin 36 Piece PC Tool Kit


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