How to fdisk a Hard Drive

Insructions on how to fdisk a Hard Drive using the Windows 98 fdisk utility.

The function of fdisk, is to prepare your computers new hard drive for an operating system. When you first install a new hard drive in a Computer,you need to make at least one partition on it to be able to install an operating system and other software.This can be done with the Windows 98 fdisk utility that is included on the Windows 98 or MS-DOS boot disk.

To do this you must first start up the computer with the boot disk in the floppy drive. This is usually the A: DriveNote: Your Computer must be set to boot up from the A: Drive. If it does not boot from the A: drive, you can change it by starting up the computer, then hitting the Del key. This will bring up the BIOS utility. Use the arrow key togo to the "Boot" tab. There you can change the boot sequence. When the computer boots up you will get a A:> prompt.Type in fdisk, like this A:>fdisk. You will be then asked if you want to enable large disk support (Y/N)...? Select yesif you want to use the FAT32 file system. Selecting no will put FAT16 on your Drive, only do this if your are installing Windows 95 or MS-DOS.

You will be asked the following

1. Create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive2. Set active partition3.Delete partition or Logical DOS drive4.Display partition information

Enter choice: [1] to create a DOS partition.

Next screen you see is:

Create DOS Partition or Logical DOS Drive

Choose one of the following:

1. Create Primary DOs Partition2. Create Extended DOS Partition3. Create Logical DOS Drive(s)

Enter choice: [1] to Create Primary DOS Partition

The Next thing your Computer asks you is:

Do you wish to use the maximum available size for a Primary DOS Partition (y/N)...?say yes, unless you want to divide your drive into more than one logical drive.

Note: You can divide your hard drive into two or more logical drives. The fdisk utility lets you makemore than one partition on a hard drive. The usual configuration is to divide the hard drive in half, or 50/50. But you can divide it up any way you want. Just make sure your C: drive is large enough for your operating system.

Some people do this to put more than one operating system on a hard drive.Or put the operating system on one logical drive, (usally C:) and put other files on the other logical drive(s).

Make one partition the active one. This will be the partition drive that your computer will start up on.After you are done with your partitions, press ESC to exit fdisk. Restart your computer with your boot disk again.You will now need to format your hard drive. When you get to the A: promt,type in Format C:/S ( eg. A:>format C:/s)(The "S" switch is to make the drive bootable.)Press Enter and you will get this message:

WARNING: ALL DATA ON NON-REMOVABLE DISK DRIVE C: WILL BE LOST!Proceed with Format (Y/N)? press y. Your computer will then format your disk. When it is done you will beasked to enter a Volume label ( 11 characters, Enter for none)? This is where you can name your drive if you want. Now you can take out your boot disk, restart your computer and get ready to install theoperating system.

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