Installing a Floppy Disk Drive

The first thing you want to do when installing a installing a floppy disk drive, is toread over the motherboard manual. Make note of anything that relates to installing the floppy drive.Look at the motherboard component diagram. See where you have to connectthe floppy drive ribbon cable to the motherboard.

Look over the section on using the BIOS. You may need to use it to configurea drive.

If you are replacing a old floppy drive, you can remove the power and ribboncables. Unscrew and remove the old drive. Remember, or make notes on exactlyhow the old drive is hooked up. 

Installed Floppy Disk Drive

If you are installing a new floppy drive, you will have to find the floppy drive interface, when you connect the floppy drive ribbon cable. Its usally near the IDE interface connections. Check your motherboard manual to find our where it is.

The floppy drive ribbon cable looks similar to an IDE Cable, but not as wide. The power connector for the floppy drive is also smaller than the power connector for the hard drive or CD-ROM drive.

If your new drive does not fit through the back of your case, you may have to put it in through the front. This may require the removal of the face plate.

Once you have the drive in the bay. You can connect the ribbon and power cables. Make sure the ribbon cable is properly connected. The red stripe on the ribbon cable is usually beside the power connector on the back of the drive. If the cable is on backwards, the light on the floppy drive will stay on.

Once the drive is all hooked up, tighten up all the screws that hold the drive in place. Check the drive by first starting up the computer. Place a disk in the floppy drive, and try to read the contents of the disk. If you can read a disk, then the drive should be ok. You may want to try to save data to it, or format a disk as a final test.

Now you can put the sides back on the case, and you will be done installing a floppy disk drive.

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